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Going above and beyond training a dog.

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A letter to my visitors...

Life with a dog has changed so much over the years and with these changes, "Dog Training" has too.


"Use this for the perfectly trained dog!" ... "Do this to stop that bad behavior!" ... "This is the best tool to use!"

Sometimes it seems like nothing works. That is because over the course of these many years, humans have been missing a very big piece of the puzzle. One that bridges the gap between the "bad behaviors" and the "well trained dog".

This is what sets me apart from the rest.


I work one-on-one with clients because my services go above and beyond training a dog. Being a Certified Family Dog Mediator®, my focus is to help families learn how to live with and understand their dog. I use the most updated training principles of applied ethology while considering all the factors that contribute to behavior such as genetics, environment, medical history and more. I am passionate about canine behavior and education, inspired by learning all that I can.

Finding the trainer who is the perfect match can be a challenge. I strive for success when screening dog/human clients to ensure I am a good match for you. I use the same compassion and R+ model for both my human and dog clients. I dedicate my time for those motivated individuals who take responsibility and understand their role in their dog's success with training. This means that I am not a perfect match for every dog/human.


If you are ready to learn about that missing puzzle piece, experience a relationship between you and your dog like never before and bridge the gap in "Dog Training",  contact me




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