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A Tidbit About Jamie

Where it all started

I was born and raised in the great northwest. Boise, Idaho to be specific. The spark of inspiration for this career is still up for debate, a good story to ask me about, but for now, we will say it started at around eleven years old when my family brought home a Yellow Lab puppy, Chance. I attended training classes and enjoyed learning how to train him. It completely fascinated me how humans could have this unique relationship with our canine companions.

It became my dream profession when I began employment at Petco in Boise, Idaho in December of 2006. My official Canine Education Training was through Petco's Certified Dog Trainer Program which after graduating, in 2010, I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) and Training Mentor for Petco. After that, I continued my education in Canine Behavior online, reading books, attending conferences, watching/listening to videos/podcasts from researchers and other pros in the industry. I worked at, ran training programs and trained new trainers at seven different Petco locations spanning from Idaho to Washington state and finally New York state where I now reside. My employment would voluntarily end, 10 years later, on March 24th of 2017 to open my own business and expand my education and career. In December of 2022, I became a certified Family Dog Mediator®.


In August of 2023, I became an instructor for SUNY Cobleskill, Canine Training and Management Bachelors Program. I am incredibly excited to be given this opportunity to teach, learn and grow! 

I take every opportunity to continue my education with courses, seminars, conferences and more as frequently as possible. I attend the Victoria Stillwell Dog Behavior Conference, Aggression in Dogs Conference and Family Dog Mediation L.E.G.S. Conference yearly. I follow the work of Andrew Hale, Kim Brophey, Alexandra Horowitz, Suzanne Clothier, Michael Shikashio and many more! Research in canine behavior is never-ending and there is always more to learn. I will never stop trying to learn more because I strive to be the best I can be for my clients and my dog.

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The Sharma


We are blessed to be the

guardians of a wonderful dog, Jasmine.

She was adopted in Seattle at 1.5yrs old. She is 98% clown and some Standard Poodle. We also had a siamese cat named Neko that I had long before my wonderful husband came into the picture. Unfortunately we lost him in September of 2016. He blessed me with 15 wonderful years. He is missed every single day.

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