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Closeup of a Black Dog

The Language of Dogs

This is a collection of short articles to help you understand your pup and hopefully answer some questions.


Some topics are common issues, others are some you many have not considered. Please enjoy!

The Fake Throw

The damage of the fake throw.

Your Dog's Emotions

Understanding your dog's emotions.

Image by Kinshuk Bose


Unbecoming the human chew toy.

Image by Rafael Forseck

The 3 Types of Toys

Choosing the right toys and preventing destruction.

Potty Training

The do's & don'ts

Bonding Time

Solving Jumping

Understanding why your dog jumps 

Dog with Lampshade

The Wrong Trainer

What makes someone the wrong trainer?

Image by Josephine Amalie Paysen

The Alpha Theory - Debunked?

Why are adverse methods & tools still used?

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