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What is a Family Dog Mediator®? 

A Family Dog Mediator® (FDM®) is a pet professional who completed specific training and education in assessing and understanding an animal's L.E.G.S.® (Learning - Environment - Genetics - Self). Each of the L.E.G.S.® of an animal are a contributing factor of what makes that unique animal and contributes to the animal's behavior.

Learning about each component of L.E.G.S.® helps us understand our dogs by considering the whole picture, the "why" behind behaviors, then, if necessary, applying the "how". This helps people understand and address the behaviors their dog presents more efficiently, effectively and from a science-based understanding of their dog.

Why is Family Dog Mediation® Necessary?

Behavior problems in our pet dog population have increased reliably every year despite the fact that dog training has never been more accessible with things like YouTube, social media, books, "free" info/programs on the internet and big box stores offering classes. This is because as a pet dog guardian and consumer you have not been told the entire truth about your dog.


This is how Family Dog Mediation® comes in to help. As a Certified and Licensed Family Dog Mediator®, I will bridge the gap between dog training and behavior issues.  I will completely re-introduce you to your dog and help you learn how to live together in the 21st Century.

The only question remaining is, are you ready to learn the TRUTH about your dog?

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