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Therapy Dog Prep Classes

Are you and your dog ready to become the ultimate team and give back to your community? This info-packed class will prep you and your dog for the world of therapy service and so much more! We will dive into the inner workings of your dog to understand behavior, learn about body language, handling skills and so much more to be the best possible team you can be with your dog. 


This class is recommended for teams with basic-advanced level of basic obedience training. This class will not offer teaching basic skills or cover dog reactivity/behavioral issues. If your dog struggles with either, I can help privately. 



This is a 6-week course. Each class is held once weekly and is roughly 1 hour, except the first, which is an orientation lasting about 1.5-2 hours.


Week 2 will be focused on getting to know you and your dog. 

During weeks 3-6 you will be guided through field visits. This puts you and your dog in a realistic setting to set you up for success! 

Dog giving a high five

Class Size

This class is uniquely built around each individual team in the group. A maximum of 4/5 dogs per class will ensure training classes are not over crowded and teams receive the time and attention needed. 

Calculate Savings


$130 per team

(team= 1 dog + 1 handler)

1 additional handler permitted for an additional $50. 

Active registered Red Cross Volunteers (min 6mo of registration) are offered 1 team admission for free!

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Although classes are focused around the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) test, this course can prep you for any organization's certification. 

Teams are guided through the ATD process throughout the course.

Training classes are NOT required to certify with most organizations however it is highly recommended.



The first 2 weeks are held at the American Red Cross warehouse at 337 New Karner Rd in Albany.

Weeks 3-6 are field visits. Field visit locations include (but not limited to) retail, Fire/Police Departments, Offices and more!

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Service to the Armed Forces

I am very proud to join The American Red Cross to bring therapy dog training and teams to the Capital Region Communities and to Service to the Armed Forces! Once teams are certified and if they are looking for some direction they can become a volunteer with the American Red Cross, Animal Visitation Program, completing visits for the Service to the Armed Forces such as military bases and Veteran hospitals and events.

Ready to Start?

The first step is to complete a Therapy Dog Prep Class ApplicationOnce

received and reviewed you will be contacted. If accepted, you will be invited

to a Meet & Greet where teams are evaluated to ensure they are ready and a

good fit for the class. Attendance at the Meet & Greet is required to enroll and attend the prep classes. If you have been accepted you will be enrolled and payment will be collected at that time. 

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